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The Bivalve Bulletin

Following are copies of the newsletter The Bivalve Bulletin (formerly Shellfish Aquaculture) published by the University of Florida / IFAS Shellfish Aquaculture Extension Program for the Florida clam farming industry.  Each issue is in a PDF format.

October 2012:  Clam Farming Featured at UF's Water Exhibit in Nation's Capital This Summer; Cedar key Everlasting Publication Promotes Shellfish Aquaculture Industry; CLAMmunications; Informational Exchange on Oyster Culture Activities in the Gulf of Mexico Region Announcement; Statewide Clam Industry Task Force and Clam Industry Workshop Announcement; Florida Shellfish Aquaculture on the Internet


Bivalve Bulletin July 2011July 2011:  Florida Clam Culture is a "Green" Industry--Spread the Word; The Global Seafood Industry:  A Perspective on Consumption and Supply; Carbon Fixation by Florida Clams; Research Update, CLAMmunications



Bivalve Bulletin January 2011

January 2011:  What's in Store for 2011?, Oil Spill Responses, Clam Industry Workshop, 2011Seed/Bag Suppliers, What Do Clams Eat?, CLAMmunications


Bivalve Bulletin April 2010

April 2010:  FDA and Raw Shellfish, Weather Outlook, Clam Import Trade Info, Aquaculture 2010 Report, Clam Marketing Materials, WWF Bivalve Dialogue, 2010 Seed Suppliers, 2010 Bag Suppliers, Research Update, Sunray Venus Clams, CLAMmunications


Bivalve Bulletin September 2009September 2009:  Romancing the Clam, 2009 El Nino Prediction, TV Clam Coverage, Clam Marketing Tips, Working Waterfronts, Water Quality Monitoring, 2009 Industry Workshop, DVD Order Form, Research Update, CLAMmunications


Bivalve Bulletin February 2009February 2009:  2007 Economic Impact, Food for Thought in 2009, Working Waterfronts, Clam Health Report, 2009 Clam Seed Suppliers, 2009 Clam Bag Suppliers, Soil Research Update, Informational Resources, CLAMmunications


Bivalve Bulletin September 2008September 2008:  You're Invited to Participate!, Price$ and Cost$, Increases in Aquaculture Fees, Tips for Saving Money on Boat Fuel, Statewide Clam Industry Task Force Meeting Agenda,  Research Update, "Derelict" Clam Bag Removal Project Receives NOAA Federal Funding for 2008-9, CLAMmunications


Bivalve Bulletin June 2008June 2008:  As the Clam Turns, World Wildlife Fund, Recession is Coming, "Fresh from Florida", Research Update, Clam-at-a-Glance:  Manila, New Pub: Shellfish Habitat, USDA NAP Provision, CLAM_L Listserv, Virginia Clam Report, Florida Economic Impact, CLAMmunications


Bivalve Bulletin January 2008January 2008:  World Wildlife Fund, 2007 Agriculture Census, New Support Projects, 2008 Clam Seed Suppliers, 2008 Clam Bag Suppliers, Crop Assistance Programs, Cultured Clam Pearls, Temperature Variability, CLAMmunications


Bivalve Bulletin August 2007August 2007:  Species Diversity, Green Mussel Invasion, What's in the Clam Bag?, Sunray Venus Clam Seed, CLAMmunications



Bivalve Bulletin February 2007February 2007:  2007 Florida Clam Outlook, 2007 USDA Outlook, Clam Assistance Funding, 2007 Clam Seed Suppliers, 2007 Clam Bag Suppliers, Tag Every Clam Bag!, Clam Meeting/Workshop, New Clam Publications



Bivalve Bulletin November 2006November 2006:  2005 National Census, 2005 Florida Survey, Virginia's Clam Industry, Bottom Net Culture, CLAMMRS is Back, Fresh from Florida Clam, New Shellfish Research, Ark Clam Marketing Study, CLAMmunications



Bivalve Bulletin May 2006May 2006:  USDA Programs, USDA National Outlook, USDA Rural Development, USDA RC&D Councils, USDA Natural Resources, Research Update, USDA Risk Management, USDA Farm Service, Upcoming Meetings



Bivalve Bulletin February 2006February 2006:  New Research Program, State Clam Task Force, USDA Programs, Crop Diversification, 2006 Clam Seed Suppliers, 2006 Clam Bag Suppliers, Research Update, CLAMmunications



Bivalve Bulletin August 2005August 2005:  Business Preparedness, 2005 State Legislation, Crop Disaster Programs, Pilot Crop Insurance, Cownose Ray Predation, Comments on Net Dips, Net Coating Bulletin, Approved Net Dips, Vibrio Bacteria Facts, CLAMMRS Annual Data, CLAMmunications


Bivalve Bulletin February 2005February 2005:  Clam Industry Recovery, Crop Disaster Program, Cri$e$ Management, Forward Contracting, 2005 Seed Suppliers List, Organic Shellfish, Research Update, CLAMmunications



Bivalve Bulletin October 2004October 2004:  Clam Industry Recovery, Disaster Relief Legislation, Disaster Assistance Programs, USDA Farm Service Agency, FSA's NAP Program, Crop Insurance Program, What Else?, Clam Stock Genetic Diversity, Shell Recycling Program


Bivalve Bulletin July 2004July 2004:  2003 Aquaculture Survey, Fulton Fish Market Prices, Fulton Market Prices--Graph, "Politically Correct" clams, Shellfish Website, Research Update, COOL Legislation, EU Mollusks Imports, Upcoming Events


Bivalve Bulletin January 2004January 2004 Market Research, Industry Reports Available, Organizational Survey, Profitability Secrets, 2004 Seed Suppliers, Triploidy Research, State Roll Call, Upcoming Florida Aquaculture Survey

Bivalve Bulletin September 2003September 2003 Risk Management, Clam Crop Insurance, 2004 Insurance Changes, Farm Service Agency, Industry Meeting, Massachusetts Spotlight, Washing Program, Veneridae?, BMP Demonstration, Upcoming Meetings


Bivalve Bulletin May 2003May 2003 Consumer Responsibility, Clam Marketing, Aquaculture Budget, Remote Seed Setting, Tempering, SW FL Clam Meeting, Clam Lease Signs, Upcoming Meetings


Bivalve Bulletin January 2003January 2003:  Global Competition, A New Look, Clam Forum Report, Seed Supplier, Bag Suppliers, USDA Survey, New DACS Positions, Lease Contract Renewals, Washing Pilot Program, CLAMMRS Update, Computer Logbook & Management

Bivalve Bulletin October 2002October 2002:  Clamania, Crop Assistance Update, Tumbling Clams, Clam Growers Forum, Southern Seed Stocks Banned, QPX, Health Assessment Program


Bivalve Bulletin July 2002July 2002 2001 Florida Aquaculture Survey, $100,000 Appropriated for Marketing, Clam Growers Associations Update, Chinese Aquaculture, Remote Setting Techniques, Seed Transport Workshop, Upcoming Meeting



Florida Aquaculture

This informative newsletter is published by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Aquaculture for Florida aquaculturists.

Florida Aquaculture Association

The Florida Aquaculture Association (FAA) issues a quarterly newsletter as a benefit to its members.  For a glimpse of past FAA events, accomplishments, and news, view the newsletter contents listed and read the "President's Message" online.

East Coast Shellfish Growers Association

The East Cost Shellfish Growers Association (ECSGA) issues a newsletters as a benefit to its members.  For a glimpse of past ECSGA events, accomplishments, and news, view the newsletter contents listed online.

The Dredge

The Dredge is a quarterly newsletter published by Connecticut Sea Grant Extension about aquaculture in the state, including shellfish and finfish, available free online for download.


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