What Does It Look Like?

Follow these simple instructions to help you use this guide:

1) The guide is divided into easily recognizable, but not taxonomic, categories. You will first click on an Identification Category that most closely resembles the organism you want to find. WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE? is the Category page which features several species and their pictures. Click on the link in the upper right-hand corner to take you to the Category page.

2) Once you have selected a Category, you will have a List of Possible Organisms in that category to choose from. To go back to the Category page, click on What Does It Look Like? in the menu selection above.

3) From the List of Possible Organisms, you can navigate to Biographical Sketch pages that provide descriptions of the individual organisms. Remember to click on the menu selections on the top of each page to assist you in moving through this guide.

4) The Biographical Sketch pages describe the organism, as well as characteristics that make it a friend, foe, or neighbor to clam farming. This information is provided to help you identify organisms, particularly those that are foes, and begin to find possible solutions, such as alternative growing methods or sites, treatments, and control measures.

What’s a “friend”?

Organisms that are friendly, or positive, to clam farming include those that:

  • Consume predators of clams
  • Consume organisms that foul clams or clam bags
  • Burrow and aerate the sediment
  • Consume clam waste

What’s a “foe”?

Organisms that are foes, or pests, to clam farming include:

  • Predators
    • Organisms that can penetrate the clam shell and consume the clam
  • Foulers
    • Organisms that encrust or attach to the clam bags or cover netting and obstruct water flow to the clams
    • Organisms that encrust or attach to the clam shells, making them undesirable for market, or impeding their opening
  • Competitors
    • Organisms that compete with clams for food or space, for example other filter-feeding organisms

What is a “neighbor”?

Organisms that are neighbors have neither positive nor negative effects on clam farming. They do not consume clams, foul clam bags extensively, or compete with clams, but neither do they provide any positive services.