These listings are provided as a service of the University of Florida / IFAS, Shellfish Aquaculture Extension Program. We do not sponsor or endorse any of these suppliers over others.

Clam Farming Suppliers Lists:

The following lists of suppliers are provided by the UF Shellfish Aquaculture Extension Program as informational handouts for the Florida clam farming industry. These lists are believed to be accurate at the time of posting to the web site.

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2019 East Coast Hatchery & Nursery List Letter

This publication compiled by Rutgers Cooperative Extension Service identifies shellfish seed suppliers along the East Coast of the United States. Note out-of-state seed suppliers must comply with Florida’s best management practices pertaining to genetic protection and disease prevention.

2019 Florida Shellfish Seed Suppliers
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2019 Florida Shellfish Seed Suppliers

These hatchery and nursery operations are supplying molluscan shellfish seed to Florida growers. Contact suppliers for information on species, seed sizes, price, color variation, and availability.

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2015 Clam Bag, Fabric, and Thread Suppliers

These suppliers are providing clam bags to Florida growers. Contact suppliers directly for information on mesh and bag sizes, prices, and availability. Information on fabric and thread suppliers is also available.


2010 Identification Tags
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2010 Identification Tags

Examples of several types of tags which can be used for identification of culture bags and other shellfish gear as well as vendors are provided.

2010 Harvesting and Processing

Other Aquaculture Suppliers:

PentairAES_CatalogPentair Aquatic Eco-Systems

Comprehensive catalog of aquaculture supplies and equipment, including aeration, water quality, chemicals, lab, cleaning, hatchery, tanks, filtration, heaters/chillers, pumps, and plumbing.


Florida Aqua Farms_catalog Florida Aqua Farms

Specializes in live feeds including culture kits, starter cultures, and algae culture supplies as well as provides air and water pumps, water test kits, and moreas well as provides air and water pumps, water test kits, and more.


Reed Mariculture_logoReed Mariculture

Specializes in marine micro algae concentrates and other marine larviculture and aquarium feeds. To calculate supplemental feeding amounts of micro algae for clam seed in a land-based nursery, click here.


Other Suppliers:


Industrial supply company includes such offerings as motors, lighting, material handling, fasteners, plumbing, tools, and safety supplies.


Harbor Freight_catalogHarbor Freight Tools

Specializes in home, industrial and commercial tools of all kinds including hand tools and generators, air and power tools, and shop equipment.


Industrial Netting logoIndustrial Netting

Specializes in plastic netting for packaging, predator control, traps, filters and screens for filtration – even stainless steel mesh and sieves.


Memphis Net & Twine_catalogMemphis Net & Twine

Source of fishing netting, fishing nets, rope, twine and fishing supplies including custom nets for aquaculture, also supplies boots and raingear.


Northern Tool_CatelogNorthern Tool and Equipment

Specializes in tools of all categories including air tools, fans, generators, hand tools, power tools, pressure washers, water pumps and winches.


US Plastics logoU.S. Plastics

Specializes in industrial and commercial plastics solutions, including bottles, buckets, barrels, tanks, hoses and tubing, valves, pumps, packaging and bags, and totes and bins for food industry.



Distributor of shipping, industrial and packaging materials with a complete line of material handling and shipping essentials.


West Marine_catalogWest Marine

Suppliers of boating-related products and services including hardware, safety equipment, electronics and pumps.