Industry Workshops

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Agenda_2011-Workshop-croppeInitiated in 2007, annual workshops provide the latest information on research and extension projects involving the Florida clam culture industry. Co-organized with the Program in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences in the University of Florida (UF) School of Forest Resources and Conservation and the Florida Sea Grant Program, the workshops foster a continuing dialogue with faculty from UF and other institutions. A feedback session and social following the presentations allow for interaction between industry members and researchers. Issues and needs are identified during break-out sessions, which may be used in directing future efforts. Summaries (1 – 2 pages) for each talk are compiled, and contact information for each presenter is available. Selected presentations for each workshop are also available for viewing.

2013 Introduction to Intensive Oyster Culture Workshop

  • Overview of US East Coast Intensive Oyster Culture Operations and Florida’s Experiences
  • Rules of the Road: Modification of Shellfish Aquaculture Leases to Water Column Use, Navigational Marking Requirements, Other Permits, BMPs Pertaining to Seed Sources, and Public Health Regulations for Oyster Harvesting and Processing
  • Development of Off-bottom Oyster Farming Gear for the Gulf of Mexico

2012 Workshop

  • Soil Properties on Clam Leases under Intensive Culture Efforts and Recovery of Harvesting Activities
  • Selection for Heat Tolerance in Cultured Clams using Biomarkers
  • Clam Stock Improvement Projects: Results of Growout Field Trials
  • Focus on Sunray Venus Clam Culture and Marketability:
    • Broodstock Development for Seed Production
    • Production Evaluation at Leases and Relationship of Soil Properties
    • Defining Soil Properties for Culture
    • Examination of Wholesale Market Attributes
    • Developing Product Standards or Guidelines
    • Industry Input / Where Do We Go from Here?

    2012 Oyster Culture Workshop

    • Restoring Oyster Reef Habitat in Florida
    • Oyster Culture Efforts on the West Coast of Florida
    • Oyster Farming Opportunities for the Gulf of Mexico Coast

2011 Clam Broodstock Workshop

  • Bivalve Genetics Primer
  • Hard Clam Breeding (Hybridization/Backcrossing) Overview
  • Proper Development of Clam Broodstock for Seed Production

2011 Workshop

  • Focus on the Potential of Sunray Venus Culture and Marketability:
    • Seed Production and Broodstock Development
    • Nursery and Growout Field Trials
    • Consumer Acceptance and Wholesale Market Attributes
    • Sensory, Nutritional and Shelf Life Profiles
    • Discussion of What We Know and Do Not Know
  • Clam Stock Improvement through Hybridization and Backcrossing
  • Selection for Heat Tolerance in Clams using Biomarkers
  • Soil Properties on Clam Leases under Varying Efforts and Harvesting
  • Decision Support Tools for Clam Growers
  • Growout Evaluation of the Bay Scallop

2009 Workshop

  • Sensory Characteristics for Hard Clams from Maine to Florida
  • Clam Stock Improvement: Results of Field Trials
  • Clam Stock Improvement: Results of Lab Challenges
  • Water Quality, Temperature Variability and Health Monitoring
  • Ark Clam Culture Potential and Marketability
  • Sunray Venus Clam Field Nursery and Growout Trials
  • Consumer Acceptance of Cultured Sunray Venus Clams

2008 Workshop

  • Consistent Hatchery and Nursery Yields for Bivalves
  • Temperature Monitoring of Lease Areas in Cedar Key
  • Monitoring of Clam Health During Summer Months
  • Effects of Multiple Stressors on Clam Survival in SW Florida
  • Assessment of Soil Landscapes in a Clam Lease Area
  • Enhancing Stress Resistance of Cultured Clams by Triploidy
  • Evaluation of Clam Stock Improvement by Hybridization
  • Evaluation of the Sunray Venus Clam for Culture

2007 Workshop

  • Genetic Diversity in Florida Commercial Clams
  • Enhancing Production of Cultured Clams in Florida by Triploidy
  • Coastal Eutrophication and Productivity of Clams and Oysters
  • CLAMMERS (Clam Lease Assessment, Management, & Modeling using Remote Sensing)
  • What’s in the Clam Bag?
  • Sulfides in Sediments and Water: Effects on Clams
  • Health Assessment of Cultured Clams in Florida
  • Investigation of Ark Clam Culture and Marketability
  • Sunray Venus Clam Potential as a New Culture Species