Getting Started

So You Are Thinking about Growing Shellfish?

There are many things to consider before you start. In this section you can find information on how to acquire a shellfish aquaculture lease in Florida. Several presentations provide practical information from planting seed to harvesting product. Financial considerations and risk management strategies pertaining to shellfish culture are provided. Suppliers of shellfish seed, clam bags, and oyster culture gear can be found elsewhere on this website. Consulting with extension professionals (see the About Us  section for contact information) and others involved in the industry can assist in making an informed decision about investing in shellfish farming.

This presentation given at a conference session for beginning aquaculturists provides a national overview of shellfish aquaculture. Things to be considered include:

  • What shellfish to grow?
  • Where to locate your farm?
  • How to grow your shellfish?
  • Where to get your seed?
  • How to sell your product?
  • How to get further information?

So you are thinking about growing shellfish?

So you are thinking about growing shellfish?