Workshops, co-organized with faculty from UF/IFAS and other institutions, share recent information on applied research and extension projects related to the shellfish culture industry in Florida.  They offer an opportunity for industry members, researchers, and extension agents to interact, identify concerns, issues, and needs, and direct future efforts. Summaries and presentation materials (in PDF and video format) are available for reference.

Workshop Announcements

Risk Management for Shellfish Aquaculture Workshops

Shellfish growers are confronted with many decisions incorporating various levels of risk during a production season. These workshops will help growers identify, assess, and manage risks.
  – Tuesday, July 9, 11:30am-1:00pm (lunch included), Capt Hirams-Blackfins, Sebastian
  – Tuesday, July 9, 2024, 3:30-5:00pm, Marine Discovery Center, New Smyrna Beach
  – Wednesday, July 10, 2024, 3:00-5:00pm, UF/IFAS Nature Coast Biological Station, Cedar Key
  – Thursday, July 11, 2024, 3:00-5:00pm, FSU Coastal and Marine Lab, St. Teresa
Workshop Details

2023-2024 Workshops

Updates and Results of Oyster Culture Projects

Workshop will be held on May 30, 2024. Updates and results for the following applied research and extension projects will be provided: Re-evaluating co-culture of oysters with urchins; Gulf of Mexico oyster genetics and breeding research; Addressing mortalities through oyster FARMS; Assessing ecosystem benefits of shellfish aquaculture and potential of nutrient trading credit program; and 5) Big Bend Shellfish Trail expands to Wakulla County. FSU researchers will provide an update on several oyster-based projects.
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Factors Influencing Florida Hard Clam Seed Production

A two-year monitoring and assessment program allowed for evaluation of a broad range of abiotic and biotic factors in hard clam seed production facilities to improve seed health and increase production. Workshops shared project findings with hatchery and nursery operators on topics such as basic water quality parameters; water chemistry; heavy metals, VOCs, pesticides, and herbicides; bacteria and seed health; nursery phytoplankton; and useful tools. 
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Assessment of Improving Water Quality Using Shellfish Aquaculture

Findings of a two-year project aimed to quantify the capacity of Florida’s shellfish aquaculture to remove nitrogen are summarized in this workshop. Regulatory and incentive-based policies on using bivalve-based restoration to improve water quality were reviewed. Topics included legal and policy options for payments of ecosystem services, economic feasibility for shellfish producers and nutrient credit trading markets, nitrogen removal services, and demonstration of a shellfish calculator.
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Past Workshops

Clam Workshops

Initiated in 2007, industry workshops provided the latest information on research and extension projects involving the Florida clam culture industry. Co-organized with faculty at UF/IFAS, Florida Sea Grant, and other institutions, these workshops fostered a continuing dialogue with researchers, extension agents, and industry. Issues and needs identified during break-out sessions were used in directing future efforts. Summaries and selected presentations for each workshop are available for viewing.
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Oyster Workshops

In partnership with the DACS Division of Aquaculture, a series of workshops on oyster culture was initiated in 2013 to bring current information to those interested. Over the years, workshops have addressed a variety of topics to assist new growers in developing their businesses. These include culture gear, lease modifications, marketing, gear management, hurricane preparedness, financial assistance programs, and more. Presentations and hand-out materials from each workshop can be accessed, and many workshops were video-taped. 
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