Huiping Yang


Molluscan Shellfish Aquaculture and Restoration

UF School of Forest Resources and Conservation
Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Program
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Hired in 2014 as a new faculty to conduct original and collaborative research on molluscan shellfish aquaculture production, technologies, applications, ecology, and restoration. Dr. Yang has many years of experience in shellfish research and has worked on oyster breeding projects at Rutgers University and Louisiana State University. Her research achievements include cytogenetics of mollusks, gene expression of zebrafish under environmental stress, and germplasm of shellfish.


  • Molluscan shellfish aquaculture production and restoration
  • Shellfish genetics and reproduction
  • Biotechnologies, such as triploid-tetraploid, cytogenetics and germplasm preservation


In conjunction with extension specialists, other researchers, and industry organizations, Dr. Yang will produce educational resources, demonstrations, and presentations directly applicable to industry needs.


  • PhD, Aquaculture (Genetics), Ocean University of China
  • MS, Aquaculture (Physiology), Dalian Fisheries University, China
  • BS, Marine Aquaculture, Dalian Fisheries University, China