Todd Osborne

Todd Osborne

Aquatic and Soil Biogeochemistry and Ecology

UF Soil and Water Sciences
Whitney Lab of Marine Biosciences
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St. Augustine, FL 32080
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Wetland Biogeochemistry Laboratory


Conducts research and develops programs in areas of aquatic and soil biogeochemistry and ecology, including biogeochemical cycling of organic carbon and other nutrients in wetland soils and aquatic ecosystems, role of organic matter as driver and modulator of wetland ecosystem functions, role of aquatic vegetation in DOM/POM/nutrient dynamics and soil accretion, fire ecology of wetlands and impacts to biogeochemical cycles and ecosystem responses, soil subsidence, coastal processes with respect to seagrass and mangrove productivity and organic matter cycling, sub-aqueous soil pedogenisis, soil biogeochemical processes associated with coastal forest retreat and development of salt marsh ecosystems, wetland soils as natural water quality treatment systems. New research directions include intensive soil studies on hard clam aquaculture leases, which allows for a novel application of soil science to new aquatic ecosystems.


  • Soil quality and ecosystem services
  • Soil and landscape analysis
  • Wetlands and aquatic systems


  • PhD, Wetland and Aquatic Processes, University of Florida
  • MS, Environmental Engineering Sciences, University of Florida
  • BS, Applied Biology and Biotechnology, Georgia Institute of Technology