Free Webinar – Growing Your Aquaculture Business: Is It Time to Expand or Diversify?

The National Aquaculture Association is hosting a free one-hour webinar, Growing Your Aquaculture Business: Is It Time to Expand or Diversify? on November 10th, which will discuss aquaculture business decisions as to whether it is time for the business to either expand or diversify into a new crop, a new product, or a new market. The focus of the webinar will be on the key factors that need to be considered to decide whether such steps would be economically advantageous for the aquaculture business.

This webinar will present a step-by-step discussion of the types of questions that should be asked and answered prior to investing in an expansion or diversification of the business. For example, it is critical to understand the likely effects on the farm’s cost of production, on the business’s cash flow, and on its financial position and solvency. The various types of risks involved with expansion of the size of the business or diversification into a new crop must also be considered and analyzed carefully.

This webinar will first discuss the conditions under which expansion and/or diversification would be financially advisable. It will discuss and address basic questions about the appropriate economy of scale for a business given its targeted market. It will then present a series of specific questions that should be answered before investing in business expansion or diversification. The webinar will also point to sources of information and assistance that can be accessed for additional follow-up.

Join us and engage in the discussion of when expansion and/or diversification make economic and financial sense for an aquaculture business.

Presenter: Dr. Engle is an Aquaculture Economist with more than 35 years experience in the analysis of economics and marketing issues related to aquaculture businesses. She has worked closely with a variety of aquaculture producers over her career to improve farm management and profitability of aquaculture businesses. Among many other publications, she co-authored the Aquaculture Marketing Handbook and authored Aquaculture Economics and Financing: Management and Analysis published by Wiley-Blackwell. She is the recipient of the Joseph P. McCraren Award from the National Aquaculture Association for distinguished lifetime contributions to the aquaculture industry.

Date:  November 10, 2015

Duration:  60 minutes

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