New FL Sales Tax Exemptions for Agriculture

During the 2015 state legislative session, several new Florida Sales Tax Exemptions for Agriculture were passed with direct application to aquaculture. The following is an excerpt from House Bill 33 that became effective July 1, 2015.

“Livestock” includes all animals raised for commercial purposes. The term “livestock” also includes all aquaculture products, as defined in s. 597.0015 Florida Statutes (F.S.), and identified by the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services pursuant to s. 597.003 F.S.

Feed is now exempt from sales and use taxes because the definition of “livestock” contained in Section (s.) 212.02(29), has been expanded to include aquaculture products. For more information on this exemption, click here.

Sales tax is exempt on that portion of the sale price below $20,000 for a trailer weighing 12,000 pounds or less purchased by a farmer for exclusive use in agriculture production or to transport farm products from the farm to the place where the farmer transfers ownership of the farm products to another. The exemption does not apply to the lease or rental of a trailer. An expanded description and an example of how the exemption is applied can be viewed here.

Sales tax may not be imposed on the sale, rental, lease, use, consumption, repair, and storage for use in Florida of power farm equipment or irrigation equipment, including replacement parts and accessories. The exemption includes power farm equipment used in the storage of raw products on a farm. Examples of power farm equipment include feeding systems, generators, power units, pumps, refrigeration equipment, boats, and motors used exclusively for aquaculture purposes. Further clarification of equipment, qualifying parts and accessories can be found here.

An exemption certificate for items used for agricultural use or for agricultural purposes and certain farm equipment, including these changes, is available here.

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