“Oysterater” Features Cedar Key Oysters

Rowan Jacobsen, author of Geography of Oyster, has been a big name in the world of oysters since writing his book, and has maintained a blog ‘oyster finder’ online giving reviews of oysters. Rowan just opened up a new website, Oysterater, that takes feedback from people to hear what they think about oysters. The new site is to be the most comprehensive listing of oysters in the world giving oyster connoisseurs an opportunity to rate oysters, have favorites and open discussions on any oyster-related topic.

Rowan has called the South “a sleeping giant for premium oysters.” Pelican Reef oysters produced by the Davis family of Cedar Key Seafarms can be found on Oysterater. Rowan rates these Florida oysters as 4 out of 5 stars. He blogs: “These will blow the minds of anyone who doesn’t think the Gulf Coast makes great oysters. Beautifully shaped and striped shells, plump meats, and all the sweet-corn goodness of a Cape Cod oyster in late fall (yet this was March). The salinity was strong without being harsh, and the flavor was super clean. This, to me, is further evidence that in March and April, when northern oysters can be so skinny, one should look to the southeast first.”

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