Third Session of Online Oyster Culture Course is available NOW

This FREE course is designed for beginning oyster growers and those interested in the prospects of oyster culture in the Gulf of Mexico. The course covers basic information on how to get started to growing and harvesting your first crop of oysters.

The third session Growing a Crop of Oysters is now available. It starts off with examples of the most common mistakes made by new growers, followed by options for nursing seed, and considerations when selecting diploid and triploid oysters to grow.

Results of field trials conducted by growers and extension specialists in the Gulf states provide information on management practices addressing gear types, stocking densities, biofouling control, grading and tumbling and how these practices affect oyster performance.

Additional topics in this session include introductions to oyster health, enterprise budget calculator, hurricane preparedness fact sheets, industry stewardship, and disaster assistance programs.

Instructors from many organizations contributed to this session. If you are considering starting an oyster culture business or are currently operating an oyster farm, this session is not to be missed!

Visit the course website: to enroll. If you have any questions, please email Leslie Sturmer at

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