Water Quality Data

Water temperatures and salinities are continuously monitored at commercial oyster farms located in nine Shellfish Harvesting Areas (SHAs) across Florida. Measurements are taken hourly. To view water quality data, click the orange button on the right or below; users must update data by selecting ‘Refresh Data’ and ‘Show Last Days’ on the HydroVu dashboard. Data are not real-time (“live”) or error corrected. Archived data are error-corrected and provided monthly in graphic format for each location.

At seven of the oyster farms, growers received Aquatroll 100 dataloggers to place inside their oyster bags. Grower operators maintain loggers routinely and download data via Bluetooth to a mobile app. Data are sent to UF staff to be posted to the website dashboard. At the Alligator Harbor SHA, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) maintains a monitoring station using a YSI 6600 multi-parameter sonde; at Cedar Key, UF maintains monitoring stations using an In-Situ Aqua TROLL 600 sondes; at the Alligator Harbor SHA and Wakulla SHA, the Florida State University Coastal and Marine Laboratory (FSUCML) maintains monitoring stations using YSI EXO multi-parameter sondes.

Locations, where water quality parameters are continuously monitored, include:

  • Apalachicola Bay SHA, Rattlesnake Cove, Franklin County
  • Alligator Harbor SHA, Franklin County (maintained by DEP; maintained by FSUCML)
  • Cedar Key SHA, Dog Island, Levy County (maintained by UF)
  • Cedar Key SHA, Gulf Jackson, Levy County (maintained by UF)
  • Horseshoe Beach HSA, Horseshoe Beach, Dixie County
  • Indian Pass Lagoon SHA, Gulf County
  • Indian River North SHA, Sebastian, Indian River County
  • Pensacola Bay SHA, Garcon Point, Santa Rosa County
  • South Volusia SHA, Mosquito Lagoon, Volusia County
  • Wakulla SHA, Oyster Bay, Wakulla County (maintained by FSUCML)
  • Wakulla SHA, Skipper Bay, Wakulla County

Data View

Users have the ability to view the last 7 days, 30 days, 365 days, or all data. On the right-hand side under the map, users can view data for one, several, or all locations by selecting the check box next to the location name. 

Data are not real-time (“live”) or error corrected.

Dashboard View

Additionally, users can click on the dashboard icon on the left-hand side to view data displayed by location. 

Data are not real-time (“live”) or error corrected.