Oyster Culture Workshops – DVDs Available

Co-hosted by the UF Shellfish Aquaculture Extension Program and DACS Division of Aquaculture, three workshops have been held to provide current information about oyster aquaculture. Topics introduced in the first set of workshops were an overview of U.S. East Coast intensive oyster culture operations and Florida’s experiences; rules of the road—conversion of shellfish aquaculture leases to water column usage, navigational marking requirements, BMPs pertaining to seed sources, and public health regulations for oyster harvesting and processing; and, a look at off-bottom oyster farming gear and methods being developed by Auburn University for the northern Gulf of Mexico.

In the second set of workshops, in-depth presentations were given by guest speakers describing the variety of off-bottom production gear, gear strengths and weaknesses under different conditions, suppliers’ information, and sources of diploid and triploid oyster seed. Guest speakers included John Supan, LSU AgCenter; Tom Rossi, 4Cs Breeding Technology; Bill Walton, Auburn University Shellfish Lab; Rheal Savoie, OyserGro; and Kent Ferguson, Go Deep International. The third set of workshops focused on on-bottom oyster culture systems and methods used in small farming operations in the northeastern U.S. Guest speakers included Dale Leavitt, Roger Williams University, RI; Rick Karney, Martha’s Vineyard Shellfish Group, MA; and Sandy Macfarlane, Coastal Resources Specialists, MA.

DVDs of these workshops are now available from Leslie Sturmer (phone: 352-543-5057, email: LNST@ufl.edu) or Paul Zajicek, (phone: 850-617-7621, email: Paul.Zajicek@FreshfromFlorida.com). The speakers’ PowerPoint presentations and hand-out materials can be accessed by going to Industry Workshops on this website.

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