Regional Shellfish Seed Biosecurity Program Webinar

To both improve biosecurity of shellfish seed transfers and reduce unnecessary hurdles to the shellfish aquaculture industry, the Regional Shellfish Seed Biosecurity Program (RSSBP, was created as a collaboration among members of the shellfish aquaculture industry, shellfish scientists and pathologists, state regulators, and extension professionals.

What: Regional Shellfish Seed Biosecurity Program Webinar

When: Friday, November 11, 2022, 1PM CDT (Noon ET)

Shellfish growers and hatchery managers know the challenges of getting seed, and how complicated and costly this can get with state regulations, which usually require individual batch testing to provide assurance of biosecurity, freedom from pathogens or diseases, for interstate transfers. Batch testing is laborious, time consuming and expensive and does not stop animals from acquiring pathogens while testing is being performed. Batch testing, on its own, is not informative with regards to the history of biosecurity of a hatchery or measures to ensure or validate biosecurity protocols.

Speaker: Dr. David Bushek is a shellfish pathologist at Rutgers University where he directs the Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory and oversee the shellfish pathology lab. He is most known for his expertise on Dermo disease and is co-leading the effort to improve biosecurity of shellfish seed transfers for aquaculture while facilitating a more straightforward and streamlined system of commerce.

Join this free webinar sponsored by the United States Aquaculture Society, National Aquaculture Association, and Alabama Cooperative Extension System. To register visit:


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