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Results of 2014-15 ARC Projects Presented

Results of two 2014-15 Florida Aquaculture Projects, conducted by the Shellfish Aquaculture Extension Program in collaboration with other UF faculty and funded by the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, were presented to the Aquaculture Review Council in Bartow on October 6. Presentations of both projects can be accessed below as PDF files. Evaluating the Efficacy of Several Net Coatings in Reducing Biofouling on Culture Gear and Increasing Hard Clam Production in Florida.pdf “Green” Clams: Assessing, Quantifying, and Promoting the Value of Ecosystem Services Provided by the Florida Hard Clam Aquaculture Industry.pdf

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Cultured Clams are Green!

Molluscan shellfish (oysters, clams, mussels) provide a favorable environment for the coastal waters in which they are grown. The unique sustainability of Florida clam aquaculture was demonstrated in a University of Florida (UF) study conducted during 2014-15 with funding from the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ Florida Aquaculture Program. Three environmentally-beneficial ecosystem services (water filtration, nitrogen removal and carbon storage) provided by clam farming were examined with values determined for several commercial harvest sizes.

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Clam Research Projects Funded for 2014-15

An annual responsibility of the Aquaculture Review Council (ARC) is to evaluate and rank research projects that have been submitted to the Council through a formal solicitation process. The Council recommended 10 selected projects for funding consideration in the fiscal year 2014-15. Recently, the DACS Division of Aquaculture announced that the Governor included $755,820 in his budget to support these projects, which will enhance farm productivity, technology, job creation and sales. Two of these projects address research priorities identified by the Council for clam culture.

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