Factors Influencing Florida Hard Clam Seed Production

This two-year monitoring and assessment program allowed for evaluation of water quality and seed health in hatcheries and nurseries, which is important to seed production facilities. A comprehensive evaluation of a broad range of abiotic and biotic factors in hard clam seed production facilities allows hatchery and nursery operators to make informed management decisions to improve seed health and increase production. Hatchery and nursery operators were provided with access to information, protocols, tools, and resources to implement their own health management plan. To better understand and alleviate seed mortality, project objectives were to:

  1. Monitor a comprehensive suite of water quality indicators in hatchery/nursery operations.
  2. Investigate the presence of bacterial pathogens in hatcheries.
  3. Survey phytoplankton species and abundance in land-based nurseries.
  4. Determine relationships between water quality, bacteriology, phytoplankton, and seed health. 

The scope of work and sampling schedule for Florida clam hatcheries and nurseries during 2021 – 2022 can be viewed here


Research and Extension faculty from University of Florida /IFAS and Florida Atlantic University, Harbor Branch.
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FUNDED BY:  Florida Sea Grant College Program, 2020-2023