Equipment, Supplies, and Instructions

The following equipment suppliers and resources are provided as a service of the University of Florida/IFAS and Florida Atlantic University-Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute. We do not sponsor or endorse any of these suppliers over others. These lists have been compiled as informational handouts to interested persons and are believed to be accurate at the time of posting to the web site.

Handheld Water Quality Meters

Salinity Refractometer
Sku: MX2501
Model: STX-3


Oxygen Monitor


Oakton Handheld pH Meter
Catalog #: 13-300-102
Model: pH 5+


Saltwater Aquarium
 Alkalinity Colorimeter
Part: HI772


Continuous Water Quality Monitoring Loggers

Temperature Pendant
Part #: UA-001-08


 HOBO Data Loggers 
Conductivity U24
Part #: U24-002-C


 HOBO Data Loggers
Dissolved Oxygen U26
Part #: U26-001


HOBO Data Loggers
pH MX2501
Part #: MX2501


Nutrient Sampling

Bacteriological Sampling

Phytoplankton Sampling