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Fact Sheets

The provided extension fact sheets from the University of Florida/IFAS cover a variety of topics pertaining to hard clam aquaculture. Fact sheets can be found at:

Water Quality

Equipment Procedures

The following procedures are provided by the project team and serve as a quick reference for the calibration, deployment, and data collection. For more information on the equipment used in this study, including vendor information and manufacturer manuals, visit: 

Handheld Equipment

Sampling Procedures

The following procedures and shipping information are provided by the project team and serve as a quick reference. Prior to sampling, contact the corresponding lab to ensure they are able to provide the analysis and receive the shipment. Ship via FedEx priority overnight on either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Do not ship samples during holiday weeks. Analysis and shipment costs will be at your expense. 

  • Nutrient/Calcium
  • Seed Health
  • Bacteriological
  • Phytoplankton 

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