Oyster FARMS

Farms for Aquaculture Research & Monitoring of Shellfish

Mortalities of oysters reaching harvest size have been experienced by growers at some lease areas during late spring and summer. To begin to address these unexplainable mortalities, oyster growth, mortality, and health, along with basic but key water quality parameters, were monitored over a production cycle in 2020-21 at four farms in two lease areas. Results of this pilot study conducted by the UF/IFAS Shellfish Program can be found here.

In 2023, a network of growers was formed across the state to increase the number of participating farms in a monitoring program providing greater replication and environmental gradients. Growers receive equipment, sampling supplies, and guidance so information on water quality, oyster performance, and health can be obtained from farms in ten water bodies.

  • Salinity and water temperature are monitored inside oyster bags using In-situ Aquatroll 100 dataloggers provided to growers.
  • Growers download data via a mobile app and Bluetooth in ten locations. 
  • Data is displayed via a dashboard and monthly graphs are achieved. 

Sentinel Oysters

  • To observe performance of oysters from the same stock, triploid and half-sibling diploid oysters were distributed in August 2023. 
  • Growers use their own culture gear and management practices.
  • Will be monitored over the “at risk” months in late spring/summer 2024. 


  • To evaluate oyster health and pathology, samples are sent to the UF College of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Oysters are sampled in early spring and when a mortality event occurs.
  • Growers are provided with shipping kits.