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Restoring Oyster Reefs in the Big Bend Provides Many Benefits

Oysters thrive under brackish conditions, and now a University of Florida (UF) study reveals that the bivalves can actually help create the mix of fresh water and brine they crave. While evaluating a new method of restoring degraded oyster reefs, researchers confirmed an observation that Cedar Key oystermen have made for years – some oyster reefs act as natural dams, impounding fresh water that flows seaward from nearby creeks and rivers. The result – large areas of reduced-salinity water that help maintain near-shore estuarine habitats supporting oysters, sea grasses, juvenile game fish, and invertebrates important to the marine food chain

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New FL Sales Tax Exemptions for Agriculture

During the 2015 state legislative session, several new Florida Sales Tax Exemptions for Agriculture were passed with direct application to aquaculture. The following is an excerpt from House Bill 33 that became effective July 1, 2015. “Livestock” includes all animals raised for commercial purposes. The term “livestock” also includes all aquaculture products, as defined in s. 597.0015 Florida Statutes (F.S.), and identified by the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services pursuant to s. 597.003 F.S.

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