2012 NSA Conference

2012 NSA Conference AbstractsThe National Shellfisheries Association held its 104th www.shellfish.org annual conference in Seattle, Washington. Research and extension faculty contributed presentations about their work pertaining to the Florida shellfish aquaculture industry. Abstracts
  • An Economic Description of the Florida Shellfish Culture Industry
  • Temperature Threshold of Northern Hard Clams and Evaluation of Backcrossed F1 Hybrids
  • Addressing Biofouling in Florida’s Hard Clam Aquaculture Industry: Performance of Two Net Coatings
  • Effects of Prior Salinity Acclimation on Salinity Tolerance for the Sunray Venus Clam
  • Helping the Florida Clam Industry Survive the Summer
  • Hatchery and Field Nursery Culture of Backcrossed Hybrid Hard Clams
  • Extension’s Role in the Development and Sustainability of a Small-scale Hard Clam Aquaculture Industry on Florida’s Gulf of Mexico Coast
  • Improving Hard Clam Production in Florida through Culture of Backcrossed Hybrids
  • Applying a Soils-based Approach to Clam Aquaculture in Florida