2014 NSA Conference

2014 NSA Conference Abstracts
March 29 – April 2, 2014
The National Shellfisheries Association held its 106th annual conference in Jacksonville, Florida. Research and extension faculty contributed presentations about their work pertaining to the Florida shellfish aquaculture industry.


  • Assessment of the Economic Impact to the Florida Economy Generated by the Commercial Hard Clam Industry
  • Genetics of Hatchery and Wild Clams: What can we learn from microsatellite loci?
  • Biomarkers for Thermal Tolerance in Clams: Results of Laboratory Challenges
  • A Status Report on Off-Bottom Oyster Farming in the US Southeast
  • Larval Settlement and Hatchery Culture of the Ponderous Ark Clam
  • Thermal Selection of Broodstock to Improve Hard Clam Production in Florida Waters
  • Assessing Effects of Hard Clam Farming Activities on Bottom Sediments using a Soils-based Approach