2009 NSA Conference

2009 NSA Conference Abstracts

March 22-26, 2009

The National Shellfisheries Association held its 101st annual conference in Savannah, Georgia. Research and extension faculty contributed presentations about their work pertaining to the Florida shellfish aquaculture industry.


  • Market Acceptance of the Sunray Venus Clam Cultured in Florida
  • Evaluation of Hybrid Hard Clams for Florida Aquaculture: Results of Laboratory Challenges
  • Sensory Characterization Program for Hard Clams
  • Evaluation of the Sunray Venus Clam for Aquaculture in Florida
  • Culture of Hard Clam Hybrids: Hatchery to Field Nursery
  • Evaluation of the Sunray Venus Clam under Field Nursery and Growout Culture Conditions in Florida
  • Creating a “Florida-friendly” Hard Clam through Industry-driven Applied Research Projects