2012 NSA Conference

2012 NSA Conference Abstracts

March 24-29, 2012

The National Shellfisheries Association held its 104th  annual conference in Seattle, Washington. Research and extension faculty contributed presentations about their work pertaining to the Florida shellfish aquaculture industry.


  • An Economic Description of the Florida Shellfish Culture Industry
  • Temperature Threshold of Northern Hard Clams and Evaluation of Backcrossed F1 Hybrids
  • Addressing Biofouling in Florida’s Hard Clam Aquaculture Industry: Performance of Two Net Coatings
  • Effects of Prior Salinity Acclimation on Salinity Tolerance for the Sunray Venus Clam
  • Helping the Florida Clam Industry Survive the Summer
  • Hatchery and Field Nursery Culture of Backcrossed Hybrid Hard Clams
  • Extension’s Role in the Development and Sustainability of a Small-scale Hard Clam Aquaculture Industry on Florida’s Gulf of Mexico Coast
  • Improving Hard Clam Production in Florida through Culture of Backcrossed Hybrids
  • Applying a Soils-based Approach to Clam Aquaculture in Florida