Risk Assessment and Management for Shellfish Growers Workshops

June 11-13, 2024

Shellfish growers are confronted with countless decisions incorporating various levels of risk throughout a production season. These workshops help growers to 1) assess how their farms are prepared to handle disasters; 2) identify production, market, and legal liability risks; 3) understand what crop insurance and disaster assistance programs are available to protect their operations from these risks; and 4) learn what resources and tools are available to improve risk management.


Presentations (pdf)

Topics and guest speakers included:

  • Welcome and Introduction to Risks in Shellfish Aquaculture
    Leslie Sturmer, University of Florida/IFAS and Florida Sea Grant
  • Shellfish Aquaculture Resilience Index: A Self-Assessment
    Russell Grice, Auburn University, Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant
  • Production, Environmental, and Market Risks: A GIS Mapping Tool
    Leslie Sturmer; Lucas Clay, Clemson University
  • Crop Insurance and Disaster Assistance Program Options
    Steven Richards, Clemson University, SC Center for Cooperative Enterprise Development
  • Resources and Tools to Evaluate and Manage Risks
    Leslie Sturmer; Sarah Pedigo, South Carolina Sea Grant
  • Business Structure and Liability Insurance Considerations
    Steven Richards, Clemson University


Video recording will be made available.