Hurricane Preparation and Recovery

hurricane prep

July 31, 2019

A workshop on hurricane preparation and recovery for oyster growers was held in Franklin and Wakulla Counties by the UF/IFAS Shellfish Aquaculture Program. Presentations on oyster gear management, storm plans, and best management practices for shellfish gear are provided below.

A program to provide tags to identify and mark oyster gear was introduced. Commercially available, durable marker tags will be made available to oyster growers with 2018-19 aquaculture certifications in Bay, Gulf, Franklin and Wakulla Counties. Growers may choose from 3 tag options. The number of tags received will depend on the number of growers who participate in the program and tag style selected. Once a tag style is selected, the order must be completed and submitted by September 15, 2019. Order form and further information is below. This program was made available with Florida Sea Grant funding.

Agenda and Presentations

Topics and guest speakers included: