Oyster Culture Gear and Supplies

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December 4, 2013

In this workshop, “hands-on” presentations were given by guest speakers describing a variety of off-bottom production gear, site selection, and deployment considerations, gear strengths and weaknesses under different conditions, suppliers’ information, and sources of diploid and triploid oyster seed. Request a copy of the DVD to view these presentations (see Contact Us).


Guest speakers included:



Suppliers of oyster culture gear and other products are listed alphabetically below. These are provided as a service of the UF IFAS Shellfish Aquaculture Extension Program. We do not sponsor or endorse any of these suppliers over others.

  • Aqua Bag Tags provide products for marking and identifying shellfish aquaculture lines and gear.
  • Atlantic Aquaculture Supply manufactures and distributes custom aquaculture grow-out systems and supplies.
  • BST Oyster Supplies manufacture and supply a complete range of products required for the Adjustable Longline System for growing oysters.
  • C.E. Shepherd manufactures welded stainless steel wire mesh, galvanized welded wire mesh, PVC coated welded wire mesh, twisted wire mesh, and other products.
  • Chesapeake Bay Oyster Company is a supplier of a variety of oyster culture equipment, tools, and accessories.
  • Double D Oysters is a regional distributor of OysterGro culture gear.
  • Eastfields Farms is a distributor for full range of American-made oyster growout bags and oyster net rolls for remote setting and reef-shoreline protection.
  • Go Deep International is a manufacturer and distributor of navigation buoys, solar navigation lights, and shellfish aquaculture equipment.
  • Industrial Netting manufactures and distributes a wide range of durable plastic netting and tubing to meet the needs of a variety of aquaculture applications.
  • Ketchum Supply is a manufacturer and supplier of wire mesh trays, racks, and cages, along with other products and accessories used in oyster aquaculture.
  • Nelco Products provide products for marking and identifying shellfish aquaculture lines and gear.
  • Outlaw Oysters is the regional distributor for Ketchum Supply, Zapco, and Go Deep equipment manufacturers.
  • OysterGro supplies a floating farming system used for single cup oyster production.
  • Riverdale is a manufacturer and distributor of welded wire mesh materials used for a wide range of applications in shellfish aquaculture.
  • SEAPA specializes in the design and supply of molded plastic aquaculture products, in particular oyster baskets, attachment systems, and accessories.
  • ShouAn Aquaculture Cage is a manufacturer and distributor of a variety of oyster culture equipment including mesh, growing bags, foam float bags, and farm equipment.
  • TOP-ME Tags provide products for marking and identifying shellfish aquaculture lines and gear.
  • Zapco Aquaculture is a manufacturer of off-bottom single seed oyster cultivation products and accessories.